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Deck Waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing System

Do you want a 4-season long lasting deck in Los Angeles? Exterior living spaces such as decks & balconies can suffer leaks and rot over the time and become worn down from the weather. Even in Los Angeles waterproofing your balconies or decks are a must. For waterproofing in Los Angeles, DannyDeck is the contractor you want to call. Using high quality waterproofing materials to get the best result in durability and performance with a remarkable aesthetic result and a low maintenance. Waterproofing is an important part of construction and renovation, it protects the structural integrity of the building as well as your property inside, you can minimize the entry of water into the structure and effectively redirect the water to a designated outlet. DannyDeck is a leader that will use the best method for your project and guarantee the results you want. Waterproofing exterior surfaces has its many advantages, such as a better protection from erosion and cracks, durability, resistance to weather effects and an extremely durable finish look.

The waterproofing system we use has 7 layers, the each one of those layers has its role, combined to an extraordinary strong, flexible, and astonishing looking surface, that will survive heavy traffic, weather effects furniture lags, toys and even earthquake! Without having any leak thru the system for at least 12 years! With all the humidity that collects the exterior living space, DannyDeck is a leader in waterproof coatings that prevent molds before they can gain a foot hold in your outdoor property. DannyDeck will not only preserve your exterior living spaces, we’ll keep it looking great! DannyDeck can waterproof your exterior living space and in colors that complement your decor. With an extra expertise to turning any ordinary rough cement finish balcony/roof to a waterproofed worm and inviting deck surface. Waterproofing deck meaning is protecting the surface below your deck, patio or roof deck and have a reliable long lasting, flexible, friendlier, and esthetic exterior living space surface with or without decking boards over it.

For Los Angeles waterproofing, we use only methods that match the material. If you always dreamed about a durable balcony with high quality decking materials, DannyDeck also perform a decking system installation over the waterproofing coat. Installation of decking boards over the waterproofing coat, required to lay down a frame structure/slippers above the waterproofed surface and decking boards, concludes to minimum thickness of only 2”! At Danny Deck we also decking existing waterproof floors with wood or composite boards and wrap around staircases and rail posts, with our fine wood finish carpentry and high-end workmanship. Just because it’s waterproofing doesn’t mean it can’t look great! Call DannyDeck and see why our customers love us!


Stage 1

Waterproofing of Deck Area

Stage 2

Building of Deck on top of waterproofed area

Stage 3

Completion of Waterproof Deck

What is a waterproofing system?

Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant, so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

It can be finished in a range of options, including the classic knockdown texture, customized hand trolled Stone Surface, decorative tile pattern, or a natural slate or tile of your choice.

Metal lath and fiberglass act as anti-fracture membranes, preventing cracking.


Installation of System

  1. Metal Lathing After all required flashing is in place and primed, thoroughly secure hot dipped galvanized expanded metal lath (2.5 lbs. per square yard) upon the wood sub floor. Lath must be secured with galvanized staples, without any deflection, upon the wood sub floor.
  2. First Base Application Crete, thoroughly mixed with water (1 gallon to 50 lb. bag), into the metal lath. Make certain that all holes in the lath are filled to the top of the lath. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding (2-3 hours, depending upon conditions).
  3. Fiberglass and Bonder Apply 3⁄4 oz. per sq. ft. fiberglass matting to the first Base application. Cut fiberglass to fit around posts and drains. fiberglass and Bonder designed to penetrate and soak through matting; thereby, adhering the matting to the Base surface. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  4. Second Base Application Trowel a second application Polybase, thoroughly mixed with water, over the dried fiberglass and Bonder to a minimum thickness. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding (2-3 hours, depending upon conditions).
  5. Texture Application, thoroughly mixed with Liquid Polymer (11⁄4 gallons to 50 lb. bag). Allow 5-10 minutes before knocking down the splattered texture with a steel trowel. Allow 1-2 hours for drying before proceeding.
  6. Concrete/Masonry Floor Paint and Sealer (CMFPS) Application Apply two coats of pigmented Concrete/Masonry Floor Paint and Sealer (CMFPS).

Product manufacturer warranty:
Americrete, Inc. blends its products to the highest quality. Warranty does not apply to any persons, company or private individuals who have not attended an Americrete, Inc. training class and/or have not been approved as a Certified Applicator of Americrete, Inc. products. This warranty is limit ed to the replacement of material (product) for a period of 1 year for single product application and for a period of 5 years for entire system application only if the maintenance has been performed as stated above and the product(s) have been proven to be defective. Product must be applied to manufacturers specifications, and over a sound substrate. There is no warranty for cracking, damage to substrates or replacement of any tangible items. This warranty, dated October 2004, supercedes all previous warranties.

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